table crashes after editing post

  1. I wanted to edit a post on my iPhone. I was in an area with bad reception (3G going on and off).
    When I saved my work it said it couldn't sync or connect with wordpress.
    So I decided to wait until I was home (with wifi). It still said it couldn't connect. When I visited my website, all of my posts were gone! But they were still visible on the app.
    When I looked at the posts table in phpmyadmin, it said it had crashed. Via Google I found out I had to repair the database. Fortunately, it worked so I got all of my posts back.

    I contacted the customer service of my webhost, it said they had nothing to do with it. So I'm 99% sure it must have been the iPhone app that crashed my table.

    Did anyone else had this problem? And could it be fixed in the future? For now, I've uninstalled the app because I'm afraid it will happen again.

  2. Or is it a common Wordpress bug (too much overhead in tables which causes it to crash) which has nothing to do with the app?

  3. Sorry to hear that :(
    Doesn't sound like something the app can do, try for help with that

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