support how to develop a iphone based website

  1. support how to develop a iphone based website i am new for this so please help me

  2. I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. Did you have a question about the WordPress iPhone app that we can help with?

  3. josephscott hi,

    Wordpress use for iphone based website and app, i am newer so i want to help for how to work and how develop a website if you have then give me link for study and what is minimum requirement for this..

    so, please help me...

  4. no any one how suggest me and give me link................

  5. If I understand correctly you are after information on building an iPhone layout for your WordPress blog?

    If so you should probably check out Apple's safari developer site

    It has info on developing web sites for the iPhone.

  6. In Wordpress any module and app or any other is support then Please send link, because template will change and then auto redirect to iphone template if iphone and if pc access then redirect to pc based template so please help me...........

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