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  1. I am using the plugin Edit Flow on my wordpress to have a custom posts status for posts between drafts and pending, "To be proofread". As the app doesn't show any status which for posts which have been posted, it often looks as if a post skipped from the drafts straight to being posted as the to be proofread will not be shown. The same happens with using the "schedule" function available in vanilla Wordpress which also displays as if a post has been published.

    Could we please have
    a) support for non-standard and custom post statuses
    b) support for standard statuses such as "scheduled"
    c) an easier way of distinguishing posted posts (e.g. light green or Wordpress blue background tint, etcetera)

    I'm sure these changes would be appreciated by all users who schedule their posts, use custom statuses or moderate multi-author blogs.

    Thank you very

  2. I also don't know why my posts into this forum always duplicate, sorry about that, but that's another issue.

  3. There are a lot of improvements coming to the app for the 3.9 and 4.0 releases. I've put this on the road map as well. You can follow along at:

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