Stats on iphone app won't let me login

  1. Stats on iphone wordpress app won't let me login to Jetpack. I used the same login for my but still says it's incorrect. Help please?

  2. You need to use your credentials. The same credentials that you've used when connected Jetpack to

  3. Hi Dani, thanks for getting back to me. I tried using my login but it's still giving me an error.

    "Could not retrieve stats"
    "Unable to retrieve stats. Either the blog is not connected to Jetpack or it's connected to a different account. "

    My Jetpack is connected to my account (

    If I connect with my login, would it show both stats for both .come and .org? How can i get it to connect? Please let me know if there's a solution. Thanks a ton.


  4. Hi Sharon, try to use your username ('tripleyum') within the iOS app. If that doesn't help, you can send us an email to mobile [at] We will help you in private since we need to share detailed account info with you.

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