Stats for all self hosted blogs simultaneously

  1. First of all, I'm glad the stats are working again!
    However, it's not perfect yet.
    I have added multiple self-hosted blogs in the iOS app.

    Since the login (username) is an overall setting and not per blog, I can only access one set of statistics.
    For each self-hosted blog I have a separate username + password.

    So I'd like to suggest to integrate the login to within the Blogs settings.
    This would allow me to specify those separate accounts and access statistics for all my blogs.

    Or is it possible to merge all my separate accounts and add all my self-hosted blogs to one username?

  2. We added support for this in 3.1.2

  3. Thanks for confirming that.

    Since I saw the account credentials of the other blog while opening the stats, I did not dare to modify them. I was afraid it would break the other one.
    But I just modified them and it works. Now I can access both stats, thanks!

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