Stats button needs a "No Thanks" Dialogue

  1. When a user from a blog hits the Stats button, the dialogue presents the opportunity to "Learn More" or "I'm Ready". There needs to be a third "Not right Now" or "No Thanks" option for sites that don't have Jetpack enabled, and have multiple users to whom the "Learn More" link is irrelevant.

    I run a multisite BP/WP install for 50 000 elementary students within my school board, and the added step of signing up for a .com account is not a hurdle I'm prepared to set in front of my users just yet. If you accidentally hit the Stats button, there is not easy escape back to the main app "Dashboard". I should also mention that I don't permit my users to manage plugins on their sites.

    I understand that this is perhaps a good marketing opportunity, but I would assume there is a large majority of users of the iOS app on .org installs that would not have the Network Admin privileges to enable a plugin.

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