Stacking buttons on mobile devices in main comments page

  1. summermonroe411
    Sep 8, 2015, 5:54 PM


    When I go in to reply to comments through the Admin Dashboard I am seeing all of the buttons (i.e. [b], [i], [link], [img]) stack on top of one another. In addition, the text box for actually typing the reply is about three characters wide, which pushes whatever you type to the left so that you can't see what you're typing. Underneath the text box, the Reply and Cancel buttons also stack. This only happens when you main Comments page (where all of them are listed) through the Admin Dashboard and not when you reply to a comment via the Dashboard -> Home (but you can get to the main Comments page by clicking "All" under the comments that reside on the Dashboard). This is not occurring on the desktop, and only on my mobile device, an IPhone5. I am not sure if this is also occurring on other mobile devices. This pretty much makes it impossible to reply to any comments from the main Comments page. Possibly some <div> or width attribute making everything stack when you go to reply to a comment on this page?

    I included a link to a screenshot of what I see on my phone here.

  2. Hi @summermonroe411

    Thanks for the report. We normally just deal with the native WordPress for iOS app here but we can relay the bug to the WordPress core team.


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