Spam Comments from Domain Name still there

  1. Hello,

    Problem: lots of spam comments in my wordpress app on completely new fresh wp site, only same domain name.

    I have closed one of my wp sites 2-3 years ago and today set up a totally fresh wp site, using the same domain name The domain was also added to / jetpack, when I initialy set it up round about 2013.

    Today I reconnected the site to the wordpress app after I deactived and re-added the fresh site within / jetpack / wordpress app.

    Everything is working great, yet I have tons of unaproved spam comments from my site, which I deleted ages ago. The comments don´t appear on the connected site to, nore do they show within the actual site. Which leaves me with the though, that the app server is somewhere caching the data referenced to the domain name.
    As there is no bulk delete within the app this is a real pain and distressing that my years old data is still cached on the wordpress app server.

    I would like the admins to delete ALL comments till today from the server referenced to the domain please. This should really not happen at all.

    Everything is fine under
    and all data is up to date.

    So it must be soley a caching issue of the wordpress app server, as this is the only place the issue is present.

    Thank you in advance

  2. I have tried to place a new comment on one article on the site, with the hope that the app would sync correctly. Unfortunately not. Trying to delete the comments within the app, will result in the comments reappearing. Mind you, this behavior is only within the app. Within / jetpack connected sites everything displays correctly when opening via browser.

    So it would be awesome, if there would be a purge cache option / this is a new site option, as I assume the referenced domain name within the app database is still calling all the obsolete data from the website runnng 2013.

    The statistics within the app are still displaying obsolet data from the site hosted under the domain name in 2013 also. Even though its a totally new site on a different server, only with the same A Record referenced to a different ip / host.

    So again, I would very much like you to purge the obsolet data, or give me way to clean the data collected within the app. Deleting an re-installing did not change the outcome, nor did the removal an re-adding of the site.

  3. Hello?

  4. Hi there @mobios!

    Thanks for contacting us and report this app issue. I did a little bit of research about what it looks like a comments cache issue, and I was able to find a similar bug report from another user. So I went ahead and added your support request forum link as well, so our developers can have more insights and take a look at this.

    If you prefer, you can also get in touch with us through the mobile app itself by going go to "Me > Help & Support > Contact us". This way, we will have more details about the app version and also ask you for log details if necessary, that can help our developers debug issues like this. Feel free to choose your preferred communication channel though.

    We'll be in touch with you once we have an update!

  5. Thank you for your reply. If you need any further logs, let me know. If you have identified the problem already, that probably wont be necessary. I can contact you via app also, yet I find it usefull, if other users can benefit from the information, written in the forum for further trouble shooting :) .

  6. Hello Nello,
    I have send you a message through the app also.
    Oliver / MoBIoS

  7. Hi Oliver!

    Thanks, I got the message now and will follow up from there. Feel free to share later the solution here, so it can be discoverable and helpful for others.

  8. What was the result of this inquiry? I have the same issue where spam comments only appear in the WordPress mobile app admin dashboard (awaiting approval or trash, and neither action can succeed). I confirmed my database was not storing these. I initially thought these were stored in client cache, but realized today that was an incorrect assumption after I purchased new phone and the comments appeared.

    So what’s the action to take to resolve this?

  9. So far nothing has changed. The issue only occurs within the wordpress app (ios in my case). I still have all the spam comments in there, of an old ( aprox. 2010) website, which has been innactive over the past 4-5 years and only this year the domain name has been re-connected to a different webserver, the only old remains from the old webspace, is the domain name. The server, the dns and basically everything else has changed apart of the domain name. Yet the spam comments will not disapear, nor can they be deleted. Upon deleting, they re-appear.

    This seems like a very serious caching issue.

  10. The issue is still present within (and only) the ios app. This is a very seroius matter, concerning data protection. Unfortunuatly there has not been any improvements since the issue has been raised. The data is beeing cached on your app server and I cannot access or delete it. It is present on all ios devices and also on my freshly setup iPad Pro (2018). I have reported this in June. I will send this as a bug report to

    Please advice on how and when you are going to solve this issue.



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