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  1. Hi all hope you are all good. Great work on the iOS app. With works really well.
    I have just one question about the space that the app use while you using it. Since I started to use it 1 year ago every time your write a post with images the space that the app need goes up.
    Is there a way i can free the cache? Thinking at this app as an access to my website/blog hosted on I don’t understand why locally the app is increase in in space.
    Is there a way? Is the way that the app work?

    Also. How far we are from gallery option for iOS like the android version?

    Thank you so much everyone


  2. Hi there @marcoborghesi!

    The app does store files locally, as cache files, so every time you open the media gallery on the app itself, it will load faster and basically will only consume data the first time it fetches the content. That is, it won't retrieve the same images over and over again.

    However, it is possible to clear the media cache without affecting or deleting media content on your site. To do so, tap on the person icon (Me) on the app, then tap on "Media > Clear Device Media Cache" to free up space on your device.

    On the other hand, while you are on this same "Me > App Settings > Media" screen, you could also reduce the "Max Image Upload Size" the app will use as well when uploading media to your site. This, will allow also reduce the image size the cache will use.

    >Also. How far we are from gallery option for iOS like the android version?

    This is something that's on the works, so we should have gallery support on a future app update, but I'm afraid I don't have an estimate time frame I can share of when will it be implemented.

    Hope this helps :)

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