Sometimes I can't upload pictures from ios Apps

  1. "The posts with pictures are not displayed on the website when they are posted via the application. The issues was checked with the hosting provider and there are no logs related to the issues with the app. Please check if there are any error logs on your end."

    I am an iPhone X user. I can publish both posts and pictures through WordPress using my browser. But I have not been able to use ios Apps for some time. I can only post using ios apps but I can't publish when I add pictures to the post. I am contacting the hosting company and he says they have no problem there. Nampchep Four experienced people with domain and hosting have worked on my problem but they have not been able to solve it. They advised me that it is a problem of apps so they asked me to contact you.

    When I go to post pictures, the following texts are coming: -
    1. Couldn't upload the featured image.
    2. The operation couldn't be complete.
    3.(WordPressKit.WordPressComRestApiError error 7.)
    4. Upload failed. Tap for option.

    My domain Name:
    My domain and Hosting company Name:- Namepchep

    I would like to inform you again that if I use WordPress through the browser, this problem is not happening, it is only using apps.

  2. Hi there!

    I’d suggest checking if you have any security plugins, and contacting your hosting provider, then search into security logs for any blocked requests from our servers. Our requests look like the following:

    - File:
    - User-agent header: Jetpack by
    - IPs:

    Please ask them to whitelist the IP addresses listed above. Note that these IP addresses could change (or more could be added) at any time, which could break your connection to Jetpack. For this reason, we actually discourage whitelisting specific IPs, although with some hosts it may be the only option.

    Then make sure you connect to the app using your account that is connected through the Jetpack plugin and you should be able to post this way.

    If you're still having trouble with this, please reach out to us again.

    Thank you!

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