Some Widget Links Not Working twenty fourteen - iPad iOS 7.1

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    I've been scratching my head over this one. There have been a number of forum posts from others seeing this sort of problem, but no satisfactory solutions that I've found. The issue is a little hard to pin down, so I'm not sure it has been properly defined yet. I think I now have a handle on the problem.

    For the site:

    On iPads with current software (iOS 7.1 and the release just before that), links in the righthand widget column do not function if, and only if:

    1. the page on which they appear is a Page rather than a Post

    2. they fall (appear) above the bottom (linearly speaking) of the page's main content. So on the front page, on my iPad, the first 9 teaser links appear to the right of content and are inactive, while the 10th falls below the line of the bottom of the page content is works fine.

    The problem does not occur on my iPad running iOS 5.1.1.

    iPhones: Since the content does not align in the same way for an iPhone (i.e., the links are not physically to the right of the page's main content) the problem does not come up.

    -- Changing from my child theme back to base twentyfourteen makes no difference.
    -- Deactivating Jetpack makes no difference
    -- Whether the links are in Recent Posts Extended or some other widget makes no difference
    -- Deactivating Mailchimp (the only plugin returning an error on a validation site) makes no difference.

    I should say that this may be an easy or obvious problem. I don't know what I'm doing, generally speaking. I make a few styling changes for text but otherwise use stuff off the shelf. If there's a way to run iOS 7 validation I don't know how to do it. So don't be shy about telling me what I'm missing, even if what we prove is that I'm being dumb.

    Thanks for any help. I love WordPress and find it mind boggling that such a powerful CMS is out there.

  2. Sorry for the shuffle. This is actually a forum for the native WordPress iOS app. The support forum for the twentyfourteen theme is over here:

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