some questions about iOS Wordpress

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am now testing the Wordpress app mobile version, 4.1.3, for iOS and i have some questions about some functionalities of the app:

    1. What should happen if someone writes a post in which he uses the characters < >? Because currently all the text that is in between < > gets deleted.

    2. Should the View Site option (from the 'Me' menu) behave like a web browser? examples: If you go to you can not search for anything using the search bar.
    If you go to and hold the tablet normally (not landscape) the pages layout is not displayed properly ( photo_1)
    If you log into Facebook, and then leave the page without signing out, when you go back to Facebook you are already signed in.
    You can log-in with any Wordpress account when leaving a comment so you can be logged with two different accounts: one account for the WP app and one account for the browser.
    Also, if you sign out from browser, you will be taken to the Wordpress home page where you can create new websites and new accounts ( photo 2 and 3)

    3. Why the option "Push Notifications" from Edit Site does not work at all? And also if I'm logged from two different devices, why the notification options are not synchronized between them even if the notification menu can be refreshed?

    4. While editing a post, if you press the preview button, no button or link from the previewed post works. Is this the intended behaviour?

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