Shortcut scripting: return URL of media upload

  1. I'm working on writing a shortcut (in the Shortcuts app) that will let me record some audio, upload it to my Wordpress site, and create a blog post embedding the audio file.

    So far, everything works except that uploading a media file returns the URL of the "attachment page" for the file rather than the URL of the file itself. I am sure there is a way to mung this to get what I need, but it would be cleaner if there were a way to access the file's URL directly.

    If I'm overlooking something, I'd be grateful to be corrected.

  2. The Post to WordPress action in Shortcuts is built-in to the system and isn't added by the WordPress Mobile app. So I would suggest reporting this directly to Apple, since they are the ones that develop and maintain that action.

    If it helps, here is a link to Apple's webpage on bug reporting:

  3. Thanks. I wouldn't have guessed that.

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