shortcodes displaying WP iphone app - error

  1. I'm seeing two different sites that display shortcodes from the site when viewing blog articles on the WordPress Reader App.

    Is this a error? Is it a WordPress Reader App erorr?

    Something else.

    Example at article at

    Error shows up when viewing blog articles via the reader.

    They look fine in the feed (short codes turn to divs).
    They look fine for people that subscribe to the site via WordPress (jetpack) powered emails. (Separate issue, Jetpack is publishing posts via email at the time they are scheduled and not at the release time set by the WordPress Schedule option... Ergo if we hit the 'Schedule' button at 5PM to publish later at 10pm, Jetpack is sending the post out immediately, not waiting for the schedule time.

  2. Hi brettbum,

    How shortcodes appear in the reader will depend specifically on what those shortcodes are, and how they are being used. Most commonly they are going to display just as the shortcode text itself.

    We'd be happy to take a closer look into this (as well as your Jetpack scheduling issue) if you could provide us with some more details. It would particularly help us to know:

    * What is the error you're seeing when you view blog articles in the reader
    * What specific shortcodes are you using, and how are you expecting them to display
    * A couple examples (if you have them) of sites using the exact same shortcodes but getting different effects in the reader.

    Please go to "Me > Help & Support" in the app and tap on "Contact us" so we can investigate it from there. Please make sure to include the address of your website in your message so that we can take a look and troubleshoot the Jetpack problems too.

  3. Hi Anna and thanks for your suggestions and help.

    Not sure of the appropriate way to share an image in this form. Here's one I loaded onto twitter just now showing the shortcodes, in this case generated from the Divi theme

    On the scheduling issue, I have a Jetpack support ticket going on that now. (splitting up the two issues as that one seems more like either a bug or a chron problem)

    Also here are two blog articles, two different sites with the same WordPress IOS Reader app display issue

  4. Thanks for those examples!

    When a shortcode is created by Divi, it would then require Divi to interpret those into something other than the shortcode text. The way this works is on the fly, and requires the Divi plugin active each time somebody loads the page with the shortcode written on it.

    I tested this theory out a little and found the display of these shortcodes is consistent across not only the iOS reader, but also the Android Reader and the web based browser Reader too. Because Divi is not installed or a part of the Reader, it does not have the correct tools to translate those shortcode texts into their corresponding shortcode items when it sees or displays them.

    For this reason, I would only expect those Divi shortcodes to work when viewed directly on your website, and not through any secondary view (such as the Reader, RSS feed, email updates or otherwise)

    I don't think this is a bug or a fault with either the WordPress installation or the WordPress Reader, but rather a limitation of the Divi shortcodes which are only able to be interpreted and displayed when output somewhere that doesn't have the Divi plugin active to process it.

    I hope this helps to explain this a little further. If you are finding other situations like the reader where the shortcodes are being rendered into their display items away from your website itself I'd be interested to take a closer look!

  5. Thank you Anna! Your reasoning and work to come up with that reasoning makes a lot of sense, sounds correct.

    It gives me a couple avenues to figure out how to approach this going forward. One of those might be installing the Divi Plugin in addition to the Divi Theme.

    Then maybe the plugin would run when the reader or a feed loads the site.

    A different hypothesis would be to simply try and hide the shortcodes in the feed via functions.php something like this

    I'm going to try that and if I confirm a solution will post that here for posterity in case anyone else runs into this challenge (half million Divi users out there, I suspect someone will eventually)

  6. Happy to help!

    Due to the way the reader interprets your post, I would not expect the Divi Plugin vs the Divi Theme to make any difference here.

    However it sounds like you've got some ideas & things to try, and I'd be interested to hear what you come up with if you find a solution for this issue!

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