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  1. Hi,

    Our organisation is using Single Sign-On to get users to login to CampusPress blogs; is there a way to configure the app to accept this or do you plan on adding that feature if it is not there at the moment?


  2. Hi gklcity

    We have no immediate plans to add support for Shibboleth Single Sign-On to the app.

    That said, the app will try to communicate with a CampusPress blog via the WordPress XML-RPC API. You can learn more about the XML-RPC API at these links:

    If CampusPress allows XML-RPC requests, and the CampusPress blog will accept the user's SSO credentials as the XML-RPC request's username and password parameters, then it might be possible to use the app with a CampusPress blog. A CampusPress developer might have more insight into whether this is possible.

    I hope this helps!

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