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  1. I have my own private blog, which is run on a private domain using shared hosting; I installed it (WordPress) via Softaculous, which is a part of my "cPanel" installation... And on my Apple iPhone XR, I have the official "WordPress" application installed.

    The problem is, whenever I try to share content to WordPress (in order to publish it to my blog) using Apple iOS' built-in "sharing" feature, I see a "sharing error" and am told that I need to add at least one site to the "WordPress" application - despite the fact that I clearly have my blog configured in the "WordPress" application.

    I can post to my blog using the "WordPress" application - as long as I do it from within the "WordPress" application (i.e. directly).

    The specific error message is:
    Sharing error
    Please launch the WordPress app, log in to and make sure you have at least one site, then try again.

    Cancel sharing

    The same error appears, regardless of where I am trying to share content from.

    Any ideas?

  2. Hey there,

    The iOS Sharing feature is for sites or self-hosted WordPress sites such as yours connected to via the Jetpack plugin. That is why the error says "log in to and make sure you have at least one site, then try again."

    If you create a account and connect your self-hosted site to it using Jetpack, you should be able to use the iOS sharing feature without issue.

    If you run into any further snags or have any other questions, feel free to contact us in the app at Me > Help & Support > Contact Us. We can see more detailed information in this way.

    That should clear things up, but if you have any other questions - just ask!

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