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  1. When I attempt to add an image from the Photos app by using the share widget, the post that is created does not display the image...only a gallery tag. In preview mode the image is there, but there is message from Jetpack saying someone is overwriting the gallery tag. For workflow puproses, it would be really nice if the image actually appeared in the post instead of the tag so I could see it while it does in the android app when you share and image to Wordpress from another app. Please.

    Or if anyone know what I am doing wrong, please advise. :)

  2. Hey there! Can you take a screenshot of the message you're getting from Jetpack? I bet there is an issue with something on the backend between the app and your site.

    In regards to how the app creates the post - right now we're using a barebones UI provided by Apple for the sharing. We have plans to add a fully custom UI for sharing but are waiting on work finishing up for our visual editor before we can move forward. That in turn affects how we upload posts and media which will drastically improve the sharing experience on iOS. :)

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