Share link from Safari to Wordpress like on Android

  1. Ok,
    I have my new iphone, In the past I was sharing a lot of link to wordpress with the android browser (chrome or firefox) to the wordpress app. Now i have my new iphone and I want to do this with safari, even if my Wordpress app isi nstalled I don't have Wordpress in the sharing list of my Safari. It is possible to add Wordpress and how.

  2. Hi, iOS8 changed how apps are able to share content. We hope to add 'Share to WordPress' to the iOS8 app soon!

  3. ah... sad, i will wait

  4. Hi just want to know if it's plan to be able to do that

  5. It's on the roadmap to add WordPress to the iOS sharing sheet however we don't have an ETA just yet. But keep your eye out for updates in the app store.

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