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  1. septantrionalis
    Oct 18, 2021, 4:52 PM

    Does anyone know how I can set my geo location of a post on the WordPress iPhone app? Up until a few weeks ago, I’d create a new post, then goto “Post Settings”->”Set Location”. This button is now missing.

  2. Hi there!

    The option to set the location was removed from the mobile apps since it's no longer supported on the web version.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

  3. septantrionalis
    Oct 25, 2021, 2:43 PM

    Oh that's a huge bummer! I have a travel blog and have been geotagging my location for over a decade now. In fact, using my blog, I can create a map showing all the posts and locations where those posts are. Is there a way to continue geotagging my location even if its not within the mobile app?

    This is a screen shot taken from my blog with all my geotagged locations in the past 15 years. I'd like to continue doing this:


  4. septantrionalis
    Oct 25, 2021, 4:26 PM

    Well for now, I'll just use the "Simple Location" plugin :

    Its a bit cumbersome, but its the only option I found. I'll just have to retroactively enter the geolocation using the browser for any posts I create with the WordPress app.

  5. Sorry about that. But yes, using a plugin would be a good solution.

  6. I am also sadly missing that feature as I was also using it for the past ten years for my travel blogging. Furthermore I took over development for the plugin geolocation in order to keep it alive for my own blog ;-). Even though one can add location data to any article there based on a city or names description, I found it always very beneficial to publish strait into Wordpress from the app with „real“ GPS information.
    Please, can this function be re-animated? THX

  7. Hi Yann. For the moment, the plugin septantrionalis mentioned could be a good solution. We have removed this option from the mobile apps since it's no longer supported on the web version.

    If it ever gets added back to the web version we would most likely add it back to the app as well.

  8. Hi Rosie,
    Well, the attributes can still be added to any article. Consequently my plug-in (we’re you can not only add long ant lag but also named description incl. reverse geocoding) is still able to work with gps information. So if the iOS app would again enable the identical mechanism, we could picking up properly and show location information out of the box. I am also currently enhancing the plug-in from being dependent on google maps only to also enable OSM.

  9. Hi Yann,

    Thanks for sharing how you've managed to get this working for you. It's quite impressive that you've taken on the development of this plugin to be able to keep it going. I'll make sure to pass along your feedback about this to our team so it's something we can review for future development in the app.

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