Set custom icon for site iOS app?

  1. Is it possible to set a custom icon to show up in the list of sites for the iOS app? This would help easily distinguish sites from each other. Right now, I just see the generic Wordpress icon for all the sites configured.

    Maybe the app should just pay attention to rel="apple-touch-icon" graphic, since that's already sized for iOS devices?

  2. To clarify, this is a self-hosted site.

    Guess what this would be would be custom blavatars to show up in the Wordpress iOS app, assuming one can set a blavatar with a self-hosted site (which seems like it might just be a rel="icon".

    But, as mentioned above, it might just be most appropriate if the app respected rel="apple-touch-icon".

  3. Thanks for reporting the issue. I created a trac ticket here.

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