server error. requested method wp.getPosts does not exist

  1. Hello everyone! We have an older version of WPMU and today we stopped to communicate with wordpress app! That means, our users can no longer post entry through the app! Our version of WPMU is 2.8.6.

    We are unable to update all our software now, we have about 50,000 blogs and requires several weeks of work to update to latest version of WP!

    When a user tries to post a entry through the wordpress app appears this error message: server error. requested method wp.getPosts does not exist.

    As I understand the new app communicate via get_post in xml-rpc?

    All thoughts and ideas are extremely grateful for us!

    Our version is extremely old! There, I am well aware of :) The problem and the reason that we have managed so far is that we made some changes to the core files, which makes it much more difficult to upgrade. The alternative is to create a completely clean and new version and then import all users!
    In the time of this writing, I am in need of a solution and understand every change in the app was made so we can solve it at the moment. It works with Android, but not with the iPhone.

    Although the version is old so maybe there's a fix! Is it mainly get_post in xml-rpc that is new in the latest release of the wordpress app?

    Best Regards

  2. Hi Stefan.

    I can't stress enough that you should really consider upgrading! But you know this. :)

    The call to wp.getPosts replaces a call to the deprecated method metaweblog.getRecentPosts. All the metaweblog XML-RPC methods are depreciated and the remaining cases where the app is calling one of them will eventually be replaced.

    Maybe you could patch your local WordPress instance so its XML-RPC server supported wp.getPosts, but this isn't something we can support or recommend. Upgrading is really best, and for more reasons than just being able to use the app with your site.


  3. Thank you Eric! I'll ask our technicians look at this and hope it might solve anything. We will upgrade our version but would need a solution for the moment. Thanks once again for your commitment.

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