Serious Bug in IOS App when pressing + Sign

  1. Hi,

    the app freezes and moves icons out of reach when you press the "+" button.
    When you insert a picture you have to first publish the app to unlock app freeze

    As requested, find a short video of the problem.
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    I use an iPhone XS with IOS 14.1 and GBoard.

    Please fix. I depend on the app for daily use.

    Many thanks,


  2. Hi there!

    Thank you so much for reaching out about this. I see in the video what you mention in regards to the + button to add a new block being out of reach, but when I try to replicate this on my end, I'm not seeing the same thing.

    Can you confirm which version of the app you have installed and also what kind of site this is related to? For example,, self-hosted with Jetpack installed, self-hosted without Jetpack?

    As for the second issue with the image block freezing and having to publish your post before being able to select the image, I'm also not seeing the same behaviour.

    Could you try re-installing the app fresh on your device to see if this makes any difference? Make sure you save any content that is marked as local changes before doing this as it will be removed when the app is removed.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi @mottandbroome,

    I want to follow up with you regarding this issue. Are you still experiencing the same problem?

    According to your video recording, it looks like you were using GBoard. Can you try using the built-in iOS keyboard and let us know if the same issue persists?

    It'll be great if you could reach out to us through My Site > Me (your profile picture) > Help & Support > Contact Us or email us at so that we can communicate better with you.

    Thank you!

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