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  1. Recently, I've run into an issue on the iOS Wordpress app where I can't schedule a post to go live at a later time. I'll set the time for something on a later date and hit the schedule button as I always have. But the post goes live immediately. This has happened twice in the past 2 days. Both posts were written by other writers and submitted as "pending review", which is a new procedure for our site.

    Since I had this issue previously, while working on a post tonight, I was very careful with my workflow this time around. I first set the publication time (9:10am tomorrow morning), and then set the post to 'drafts'. After completing my edits, I went to change it from 'drafts' to 'scheduled'. However, only drafts, pending review, and published were available. Reopening the 'schedule post' dialog seemed to make 'scheduled' reappear, however once I pressed 'schedule' in the upper right corner of my screen, the post went live immediately. Oddly, I was then able to go in and change the publication time (it had reverted to the current day and time) and the post was pulled down and scheduled for the appropriate time tomorrow.

    Running the latest version of the iOS app, and Wordpress version 3.6.1 on the website. Thanks for any help.

  2. Hi @Blgranucci

    This is a great bug report, thank you very much for taking the time to be so thorough!

    This has been a rather frustrating bug that we've been tracking here.

    We'll look to reproduce it with the steps you described and get it fixed for this particular scenario.

    Thanks again!!

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