Scheduled post gets published instead

  1. When I try to schedule a post on a hosted (4.0) site via the iOS app (version 4.3.1, iOS 7), the post instead gets immediately published.

    How to reproduce:

    Create a draft via web on hosted wordpress site.
    Open draft in iOS app
    Choose "Options" and select a date in the future
    Choose "Back" to back to the post content
    Choose "Schedule" to schedule the post
    Visit the website and verify that the post is now published, rather than being scheduled.

    Maybe related to:

    Also, I tested this on a multisite (sub-folder) installation. Not sure if that has any bearing.

  2. Thanks for the report Justin!

  3. Just as a followup, this is being tracked here:

    Thanks Justin!

  4. Thanks for the update, I'll watch that issue

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