Saving does not load latest changes into App

  1. 4.8.1 is a great update! Thank you ...

    I have a bug though that is causing heartache on my self-hosted site:

    1. Save (update) a post that is in draft mode
    2. Goes back to all the posts
    3. Pull down to reload/refresh the data in order to ensure I am getting the latest posted data
    4. Go back into the same recently saved post and start editing again

    The bug is in step #3. If after saving, I do not perform #3, then I do not even get my latest saved post from #1.


  2. Hi @ststsa,

    Sorry about that. We are aware that this is a bug affecting some users. What is happening is when you return to the post list from the editor the list syncs in the background, but sometimes this happens before your post has finished publishing. In this case the app ends up having a copy of the previous version of the post until you refresh the list again.

    Its on our list of things to get fixed.

    Thanks for the report and I'm glad you're liking the recent update. :)

  3. Having the same issue as Eric. Including sometimes, when it just NEVER appears if I've been offline, I make several edits, add a lot of content - 9 times out of 10, it doesn't ever find my updates - so unless I copy and paste it into notepad, it loses everything I've done.

    Now, today, it won't let me select all in order to copy it. This makes creating content in the app offline completel unusable, as I have zero faith that my content will remain.

    What's the ETA on the a fix?

  4. Hello @ASocialNomad,

    Our latest update has been sent to the iOS App Store - once it's approved, it will be available for download!

  5. Ugh!!

    I am still losing data with the latest update to the app. The loses are seemingly arbitrary ...

    Am I the only person experiencing this unfortunate happening?

  6. Hi @ststsa,

    Sorry about the wait for a reply. The fix for the issue actually did not make it time for version 4.9. It *is* included in version 5.0.

    We're just waiting on Apple's approval to make the new version available.

    Hope this helps!

  7. oliviaontheriviera
    May 20, 2015, 7:04 AM

    Hi this is also happening to me and has been an ongoing issue for mobths. Cannot post on the go anymore which is a real shame as that is how I do most of my posting!! When will this issue be resolved? When is the update coming out?

  8. The most recent release of the WordPress App should have resolved this issue for you. Can you confirm you are using version 5.0?

  9. This is seemingly resolved in 5.1(5.1) as far as I can test ...

  10. Thanks @ststsa. Let us know if you see it happen again.

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