RSD link not found in source code


    I didn't find an RSD link in my source code, just the pingback xmlrpc link.
    When I tested the xmlrpc link I found in the pingback, it worked.

    However the XML-RPC link wasn't found.

    Is there any way to manually insert the XML-RPC link into my site? I noticed the link and the advice re: adding wp head function to the head, but my theme is complicated and I don't know if I have permission to add anything to the head at all without a hook doing it for me.

    I'm not even sure that this is the problem.

    Tried switching to wp default theme and that didn't work either.

    Any ideas?

  2. if the app is unable to find the xmlrpc endpoint link via the RSD line, it should present you with a view that asks for the url of the xmlrpc endpoint...

    This forum is about the iPhone application and so I would suggest that advice about modifying the WP core is better sought at the forum here.

    If you're having trouble connecting to your blog with the iPhone app, ping back and we'll troubleshoot.

  3. Yes the reason I posted this problem here is because I'm unable to add my blog. My site is Could you help me troubleshoot?

    Many thanks in advance -

  4. What error message are you getting when you try to connect? Are you getting the screen that asks for your xmlrpc endpoint or is the app erroring out before that?

  5. The error message is:

    We could not find the XML-RPC service for your blog. Please check your network connection and try again. If the problem persists, please visit "" to report the problem.

    I am connecting via Wi-Fi and it's functioning.

    Thank you for your help -

  6. I mean wifi is functioning - I'm still unable to add my blog to wordpress for iPhone.

  7. See my response to your later post...

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