Resizing photos and iPhone v2.2

  1. Is it just me or does the blog setting to 'Resize Photos' no longer work with v2.2?

    I was (very happily) using v2.1 for a while but since the update to 2.2 the resize photos option no longer works and images are posted about 4 times the size of previous ones.

    I can update the HTML associated with the photo by typing the height and width - e.g. width="300" height="225" - but not having to do this until now is a pain.

    Otherwise... Love the app.


  2. We're going to add the ability to control the size to an upcoming version. We had a bug that was forcing the size to always be 300 - and changed that in the last release.

    There is a setting in the app to force size to 640 x 480 - have you switched that on? (It's on the same view where you added the blog. Go to the list of blogs and tap "Edit" - then hit "Done" to drop the keyboard and you'll see the setting.)

  3. Thanks for the response.

    I've had the resizing option enabled as you've asked. My preferred image size is 300 so I had no grumbles - but you're saying that was actually a bug (addressed with 2.2). I'll make do with manually updating images for now.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
    Love the fact I can do everything from my iPhone with this great app!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks!

  5. How timely a thread...

    I'm in a different camp. I have a dynamic width post and can handle wider images than most of the themes (based on people's tendency to browse full screen, and the growing width of today's screens) and I have found a width of 600 pixels to be optimum.

    BUT I like to embed the WHOLE image so family can click on it and download a beautiful pic of the kids without me having to send them this or that- they can each pick the pic they want to DL. So the "resize image" to 640x480 doesn't work because then the "big" size is only 640x480, not full iPhone resolution. :(

    So, is there a way, besides having to round-trip the publish process TWICE to get an image to accept sizing established in WordPress' Settings > Media > Image Size settings? So, when publishing a photo, I can say that this blog defaults to "Medium" and the iPhone ap gets "medium" settings from and establishes in-post code to scale the image to the "medium" width?

    Or even, despite that, I can set a default in the iPhone ap, and it is sent to with those settings?
    Default width of 600. Don't care about height because will figure it out depending on whether the image is wide or tall.

    Making it a preference that I only have to set once would save a ton of time posting, and ensure my family gets both a nice looking blog post, and a higher resolution image they can download.

  6. Actually, after trying to get someone else to help post to my blog, and trying to make it as simple for them as possible, i.e. take a picture and e-mail it to the blog, I realized that their images will likely have the same problem- and that it isn't a iPhone app issue (completely) but the fact that needs to have a default setting for images thrown at:

    1) if unsized image and
    2) width is wider than NUMBER-1 a number the user specifies, then
    3) resize image to NUMBER-2 width that user specifies
    4) and link to full size image.

  7. thanks!

  8. This would still be a darn useful feature. In essence, the WordPress people need to make this happen, and then the iPhoen people need to do _less_ on their end with the photos. Let our preferences set on handle it.

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