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  1. I try to connect via the iOS iPhone App to my self hosted blog (
    I'm running jet pack as well.

    All the jet pack functions are working fine, the self hosted stuff like articles, sites and comments I get an error: Request failed: not found (404)
    My xmlrpc.php is working fine.

    I have no clue what to do... any idea?

  2. I took a quick look. I can view just fine in a browser but if I try to make an actual XML-RPC request I see a 404 error. It might be that your host is blocking XML-RPC request for certain clients.

    If your host *is* blocking XML-PRC requests, one thing you might try is renaming your xmlrpc.php file. Checkout the FAQ:

  3. Thank you for your response.
    I contacted my provider, asking if he's blocking the file. If so and they won't unblock it, I will rename my file.

    One more thing: Is this a propper sollution that will work with JetPack too?

  4. Hi t0m_ka

    Sorry about the slow reply. I'm honestly not too sure how that would affect Jetpack.

    Have you heard back from your host? I'm curious to hear how things turned out.


  5. Hi Eric,

    thanks for asking.
    Still not fixed, my support mails me every day asking if it's fixed.

    First they pretend it was the quota. Then they said the server blocked the file because of a DDoS attack. But in the end it is still not working properly. Gradually I thinking they don't have a clue.

    But I'll wait with the renaming until they say they can not do anything more...
    ...not least because I don't know how JetPack will work afterwards.

    Annoying. :(

  6. Sorry to hear. Thanks for the follow up. Wishing you best of luck!

  7. Just found that article:

    it says: renaming the xmlrpc.php and jetpack won't work anymore.

    the weird thing is:
    a very few times a day the access works fine, most of the time it don't.
    my hoster seems clueless too how to fix it.

    btw, I test it with this site:

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