Reproducible crash

  1. Couldn't figure out how to file a bug report - so am writing it up here just in case.

    I have a bit of HTML code that I include in my posts when required. When I added this within the post in wordpress for iphone - the app crashed.

    the code is <p class="blankline">&nbsp;</p>

    I found that the I could get to <p class="blankline">&amp;nbsp however as soon as I try and add the ; the app crashes. It happens everytime.

    Using the latest version of Wordpress for iPhone on iphone software: 2.2.1. Also using SVN version of wordpress on my own server (not that it is relevant I think in this case)

  2. Thanks for reporting this, sorry we didn't catch this sooner. I've filed a ticket for this issue - hopefully we can get it addressed in time for the next release.

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