Repeated nags for crash reports

  1. Since the last updates, when I open the app I get the "Send crash report?" window. No matter whether I click Send, Always Send or Don't Send, the window comes back over and over. Yesterday I could make it go away after six or seven clicks, but now it won't go away and I can't use the app. This is on an iPhone 5, latest iOS and WP app.

  2. I too am receiving exactly the same error message. It's asking me to send a crash report and even when I tap on the option "always" the message keeps popping up which means I am unable to use the app at all. I've got a iPhone 7 plus.

  3. I deleted my app and reinstalled it. Bit of a pain to re-enter all the login credentials for the sites I manage, but it stopped looping into that crash report window.

  4. The crash report screen now pops up 50+ times EVERY time I attempt to log in. Is this being addressed? I use an iPhone 7 plus. I don't seem to have the problem on my iPad, I just installed the most recent update though.

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