Reader breaks on external links - reason?

  1. HI - I'm trying to figure out why, when I'm reading a blog in Reader on the iOS app, some external web links produce Page Errors. Essentially, I click on a link, and inside the app's browser, I see an error that reads like this:

    This page contains the following errors:
    error on line 90 at column 193: EntityRef: expecting ";"

    Other errors are similar, throwing issues at punctuation or entities not properly set up....The errors are sometimes in the first 2 lines (HEAD) or deep in the rendered page...sigh.

    I assume that it is an error in coding on the site in question (NOT WP-related.)

    Can you tell me what CSS or XHTML specification that might throw this error when reading a page from within the Reader browser? I'm trying to encourage our website developer to correct the errors on their site, and knowing what spec is being used/violated will help move things along.

    I've seen this behavior in the past week on
    iPad 2/iOS 8.0/WP App version 4.4
    iPhone 4 / iOS 7.2.1 / App version 4.4

    Thanks for your assistance!

  2. Hi Igpref. If you give me an example from the reader I can take a look and see what might be going on. A topic and post name would do. Or if its a post on a certain blog let me know the URL so I can follow it in the reader.

  3. Examples:
    Sample posts:
    Click on the link "Cannery Row":*&query=&page=0

    Sample error: error on line 90 at column 193 : EntityRef expecting ";"


    We know that the coding of our library catalog website is not great, and errors abound. I'm just sad that it blocks our readers using the app from seeing / requesting books.

    Do you see this same behavior? Let me know - thx
    Sample error - error on line 2 - Entity is not valid "StartTag"

  4. Hi Igpref. Thanks for the links. I was able to reproduce the error when I tested. Its interesting that the error appears in the browser embedded in the app but not in Safari. Does your library catalog expect a particular user agent? The iOS app uses a custom one. This is the only obvious difference I can see.

  5. I am having a horrible issue on all of my apple products, not just my phone (iPhone 6 plus) I can't even make changes to my template in wordpress.

    I posted this issue on my fb wall and turns out that a lot of other folks can't do simple things in wordpress using their apple products.

    It's frustrating. I can't even upload a logo in my theme for goodness sake.

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