Problems with with Wordpress on iPad

  1. Hi

    I have a story I'm wanting to upload to my site via my iPad, but am having difficulty uploading it via the text part or even the word part (although on iPad I revert it to Word document.)

    Any help at how I can overcome this problem would be most helpful and appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

    Also just found another problem too, I cannot move the share buttons ie, if you want to move preferred buttons like twitter etc to the box on the right, all highlight instead of one moving!!!!

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  3. I was sent here though by a link given by a volunteer who had seen another volunteer instructing people to come HERE sInce this is the place for iPads etc....?

    So where am I supposed to be to be helped please????

    By the way it's a problem by both the app AND the Internet version.


  4. This is the support forum of the iOS app. If you are having issues with your blog you need to open a support ticket on the support site.

    What kind of errors are you experiencing with the iOS app?

  5. yes, just throw everything away and start afresh, shall we?

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