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  1. I keep encountering problems when trying to create posts via my iPad. At first when I was creating the text directly into the new post format, the text would jump around and then if I wanted to go back and correct something, I couldn't get the cursor to highlight the misspelled word or to highlight it so I could make bold etc. So I then changed approaches and used a simple word processing tool to write the content thinking that I could simply copy and paste into the post format.
    That created its own difficulties - first the cursor wouldn't activate to give me the 'paste' option. When I did get that to work the pasted copy would go into the subject field and not into the body of the post.
    Is it just my iPad that's playing up or is there some compatibility issue?

  2. Hi Bookertalk,

    Which editor were you using? Was it the one in the iOS app, the new editor on, or the editor in your blog's admin?

    If you were using the iOS app, could you let me know which version of the app, and which version of iOS your iPad is running so I can try to reproduce the behavior?

    If you were using one of the web-based editors, maybe try the other to see if it works better?

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