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  1. I updated to the Wordpress for iOS app to 5.9.1, and am experiencing a frustrating problem. When I tap the "Update" button to save a draft post, it doesn't. Here's the situation in a bit more detail…

    I'll start a draft post, and get maybe a paragraph into it. Hit "Update" and all is well. I'll continue editing, adding more text. After a few minutes, hit "Update" again. Sometimes, things behave. However, I've noticed on two occasions my carefully crafted prose is missing when I re-enter the post. This is NOT good since I have no backup! I'm drafting my posts directly in WP since it allows me to insert photos when necessary. Guess I can't continue to do that anymore…

    Any suggestions are, of course, appreciated.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi jleko,

    Thanks for letting us know about the trouble. We'll do some digging and see if we can reproduce and fix the bug.

    Two quick questions:

    When you're working on a draft post does your device have an internet connection or is it offline?

    If you go to your blog do you see the draft post there. If so, does it have a revision that includes the missing edits?

    Thanks jleko

  3. Hi Eric.

    A1: Yes. The iPad is connected to the Wi-Fi/Internet.

    A2: I didn't realize that you could browse through previous edits! =:-O
    Yes, I do see the missing text within those edits. Thanks! Now, I've got the motivation to pick up the post where I left off. :-)

    It's still a nasty bug...
    Thank you for your consideration.


  4. Hi jleko!

    Thanks for following up. Knowing that you still had revisions saved is good news.

    We're tracking the bug here and you can follow along with our progress fixing it if you like. :)


  5. Hi- I'd like to chime in because I'm having the same problem...sort of. Recently downloaded WP 4.5. After I Save Draft, everything in Visual Editor disappears. If I click on Text then Visual, it reappears, but sometimes not with the previous revisions. I've cleared cookies and cache in both Chrome and Safari. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

  6. Hi Ellkayess,

    It sounds like the trouble is with the visual editor in the WordPress admin in a desktop browser. Did I understand that right?

    If so, you might try asking the folks at This forum is dedicated to the WordPress for iOS app. We're probably not the best folks to ask questions about WordPress running in a web browser.


  7. Hi Eric,
    No it's not related to the browser because I've tried it on 3 different browsers on 2 different computers. I just mentioned I cleared everything because one of the discussion relating to issues with the new version said to make sure to clear everything and I'm trying anything. Any other ideas? Thanks!

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