Authorship Problem with IOS app

  1. Hello Wp community!

    i'm a long time user of Wordpress (since version 0.x something) and i have a stand-alone wordpress install which i'm using along with another author.

    The other author is an "editor" level author.

    There have been 3 cases when she published an article and the article was assigned to the "admin" (me) instead of remaining assigned to the Editor. She only uses the wordpress app to write her posts.

    I have to manually switch the authorship to her again in order to allow her to make changes to the article.

    What could be the cause?

    thanks in advance.

  2. Hi garethjax,

    Just to make sure I understand correctly, it sounds like there have been three occasions where a post authored by another user showed up as being published by you. Is that correct? Just wanting to confirm that the issue wasn't something specifically involving user roles.

    I have a couple of questions that might help troubleshoot what's happening:

    - Is the blog this is happening on connected to Jetpack?
    - When the other user clicks on My Sites > [the name of the site] > Settings , what user name is signed in?
    - When the other user clicks on the Me tab are they signed into If so, under what user name?
    - In the list of posts under the My Sites tab, is the site in question listed more than once?


  3. Hello Eric,

    sorry for the late answers.

    - yes, the blog is connected to jetpack

    i'm asking the other questions to the other user, i'll let you know asap.

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