1. Since some days the preview doesn't work.

  2. Preview does not work for me at the time either.

  3. Replying again to activate email alerts ...

  4. Preview has been down all day ... Arrrrrrgggggg!

  5. I even deleted app and reinstalled ... No joy

  6. I am also having this problem.
    I can't preview any posts on iPhone 5 app, and still getting certification error problem when trying to view site from app.
    Meaning the app is now useless for posts and viewing.

    My iPad has the older version of WP app and same problem with preview but not the cert error

  7. I'm having to use tinydesk app or blogsy to preview

  8. Still not working !!!!!

  9. I have a work-around!

    Add a new site. Add your site as https://
    Every time you get an invalid certificate warning, choose Trust.
    As long as you don't kill the app, Preview will work.

    Repeat the above if you kill the app.

    See my other comments at

  10. I have a work-around for Preview not working

    Same as the previous post ... Including screen shots

  11. The work around seems to work thanks.
    Will this be fixed?

  12. I had the same problem in previewing a post and with this work out I solved the problem. Thanks for the advise.

  13. Thank you guys for your engagement and especially for the https-worksround which works but obviously isn't a long-term solution because the steps must be repeated again after the app went into suspended mode.

    I hope the devs will fix this soon because all the other competing solutions for managing a blog have more cons than pros if compared with the native app.

  14. The bug is fixed with an update of today.
    This update also fixes a bug which didn't let you schedule posts.

    Thanks to the developers.

  15. Funny story, we actually didn't change anything in the app. The issue was actually due to a bug on the servers that was resolved around the same time the new version of the app became available.

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