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  1. iOS 3.1.3
    WP app

    I updated WP app a month or so ago and now I am plagued by two things:
    when the app crashes, or finished posts fail to push properly to the server, they vanish completely.

    in older versions of the WP app, whenever I'd relaunch the WP app, and click on posts, the WP app would notify me of an unfinished post and I could pick up from where I left off. I felt confident about authoring on the iPhone because the WP app "had my back" and posts never got lost due to a crash or bad WiFi connection. In fact, even when a post had a bug or error in it and the upload was causing the crash, it was actually DIFFICULT to get rid of the post.

    Now, however, I've lost a half-dozen posts. The app crashes, or my upload doesn't work, or something goes amiss and everything I wrote just friggin vanishes. It's nowhere. Not uploaded. Not recovered. Just, poof!, gone. This makes me very reluctant to use the app at all any more because I'm just tired of having to do things over from scratch again.

  2. I filed a ticket for you to have this looked at.

  3. I have the same problem. I just wrote a really good post and clicked publish. Gone. it's just gone.

  4. Moved to the road map for 2.6.4.

  5. And the ETA for 2.6.4 is.....

    And I understand that something being on the "road map" doesn't actually mean it'll be included. Because I completely understand how new and exciting features can be more important than, say, not losing posts when the app crashes- a feature we had just a few versions ago.

  6. This is the road map:

    As stated before, we're not going to focus on new features for a while, until the stability issues with existing features have been resolved. We also plan to iterate more quickly to get the most crucial fixes out as soon as possible.

    The ETA for 2.6.4 submission is Jan 4 right now. It takes about a week (most often) for the app to go through the App Store review though, so should be available around Jan 10 2011 if all goes according to plan.

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