Posts in WP for iPad lose formatting

  1. I can't use the WP for ipad app because when I open a post for editing all formatting is missing. If I save a post using the app, the resulting post has no formatting.

  2. I'm not sure I understand what's happening. Are you seeing the HTML code for bold and italics instead of the text rendered that way? If so this would be expected as the iOS app does not currently have a rich text editor. I'm a little concerned that you say the published post has no formatting. Do you have an example you could post a link to?

  3. Eric: I was wondering if I could contact you privately about a serious security breach of my site which may've used the WP for ios app. I don't want to give my personal info here but I'm on Skype and my website is & you can e mail or Skype me & I'll reply. Or if you can give me a way to reach you or someone involved in security for the app, I'd be grateful.

  4. Oh no!

    If you like you can email us at

    The best thing you could do is to contact your webhost about any suspect activity and ask them to review your website's access logs for anything out of the ordinary.

  5. The first thing I did was contact my host, WPEngine, of course. But I thought it was odd & perhaps useful to know that the ios app exposed the hack & may've been used to create it.

    I've also sent an e mail to the address you offered.

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