"Post failed to upload" error in ios app

  1. Good afternoon i am trying to get my authors on to be able to post from their ios device via the app for wordpress but it gives the xml api error but when I connect via jetpack it works fine but the other users cant post

  2. Me and another editor followed the how to's on wordpress forums still getting post failed to upload and we do use jetpack it post fine but when we don't want to use jetpack it says post failed to upload.

  3. In order for another user on your site to use the Jetpack connection with the WordPress Mobile app, they'll need their WP Admin user connected to a account.

    Within your site's WP Admin interface within a web browser, navigate to Jetpack > Settings.

    In the Security tab, scroll down and enable the "Allow users to log in to this site using accounts" setting and the "Match accounts using email addresses" setting.

    Then, when the other users visit the site's WP Admin login page (they may need to log out to access it), they will have the option to log in with

    They can select that option and then either login to an existing account with the same email address as their WP Admin user or create a new account with the same email address. Once that's complete, their WP Admin user and their account should be paired. You can see this from within WP Admin at Users > All Users — their account will have a Jetpack logo next to it.

    Then they can login to the WordPress Mobile app using that same account to manage the site.

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