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  1. The latest version of the iOS app duplcates posts after using the PREVIEW function.
    If duplicates are deleted the preview function shows error 404.

    The problem can only be solved by deleting the complete post and create it new!

    At the time the app cannot be used without dataloss.

    Furthermore the app often displays 'Goshdarnit' when the function 'Empty Spam' is used.


  2. I can't reproduce that, it just has the one draft. Can you provide steps to reproduce the error?

  3. Thanks DAN for your fast reply.
    I edit a scheduled post, update the changes and tap on Preview.
    Then the post is duplicated. There is one version displayed in the upper left corner of the post listing (I think it's a temporary version of this post) and one version in the normal listing of the posts.
    After closing the preview by tapping on CANCEL the post is duplicated in the normal listing of posts.
    Repeating this procedure leads to the second, third, etc version of the post.

    If you then try to open one of the duplicates the updated version is displayed as a preview and the post is duplicated one more time.

    Then I deleted all duplicates and tried to open the remaining version and error 404 is shown in the preview window.

    Sorry for my English. My native language is German.

  4. I reproduced it! You're on an iPad I'm guessing?

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