Plugin API or Hooks?

  1. Is there any way to access plugin data from the iPhone App? I have a statistics plugin that I'd like to have the stats displayed within the iPhone App (similar to how the WP stats are displayed).

    Is this possible or planned for (if not)?


  2. No plans at the moment, but you can just view your plugins in mobile safari right?

  3. Yeah, but if a user is already within the iPhone app for them to have to switch to safari and log into their site is kind janky to say the least. Why even bother with the iPhone app if they're just going to have to log into the site anyway?

    That's too bad. Like WP to begin with I'd imagine plugin interoperability would a add good deal of value to the iPhone app.

    Thanks anyway.

  4. We are going to add a dashboard view in the app soon though which would give you access to your plugins, though it's pretty much the same safari view.

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