Please give us more photo upload options

  1. No uploaded photos can be automatically centered as far as I can tell. Each picture I upload I have to go in and manually change the HTML from alignnone to aligncenter(at least I've taught autocorrect that alignc is the same thing). And if autosave works its horrible new magic (which I've read elsewhere that's it's going to be less aggressive in an update) it often changes it back to alignnone.

    Also, I'd love to be able to tell it to always upload photos at a max of 500 wide (regardless of height). I thought it took its settings from the actual WP blog settings but mine are set to 500 and the app doesn't give me that choice. If I manually input 500x375 (which the 375 is a guess, but I want the 500 wide), it apparently thinks the 375 is what I want so I get a picture that is like 480.

    It would also be great to be able to upload and insert multiple photos at a time like the desktop version now allows.

    None of these are life or death, but just annoying because I use them ALL THE TIME. Thanks!

  2. thefutureisbright
    Jun 11, 2013, 11:53 AM

    Just to say I totally agree it would be great to be able to upload and insert multiple photos at a time because it gives a quick way to blog from mobile about an event or memory without having to upload each photo one at a time which is painful!

  3. Well, I had the upload size figured out (I just put in a custom size of 500x750 which automatically gave me the correct horizontal AND vertical dimensions each time) but with the iOS7 update, it's borked. You can input a custom size, but half the time you can't hit submit and half the time it appears to upload but nothing happens and it spits you back to the main posts page.

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