Pictures update bug in the iOS app

  1. 300joursailleurs
    Jul 20, 2014, 10:48 PM

    Hi there,
    I have been using the WP app for iOS on my iPad for several months now, to write my post offline, then update the pictures I want to attach every time I got a wifi spot. I noticed several improvements in the current version (4.1.3), such as the possibility to send several pictures in a batch (whereas a "one by one" sending before) and the auto-resize of each picture (whereas selecting the size of the image to upload in the past).

    Thank you for these improvements as it simplify my life trying to produce the best content.

    BUT it appears there are bugs :
    - I can not send more than 3 pictures in a batch as the app would shut down instantly after pressing the "Terminé" button (the related pictures are 4912x3264 and weight more than 4 Mo each): the bug might be related to the auto-resize function
    - The app keeps saying the pictures are beeing uploaded even if the html code related to the pictures has been added at the end of the post as if the pictures have been updated (and if I look in on the website, the pictures I wanted to upload are actually uploaded). The gif loader keeps turning for ever.

    AND there could have improvements :
    - A uploading progress bar could be a good idea to see the pictures uploaded and the work still to be done

    Thanks for you help



  2. 300joursailleurs
    Jul 21, 2014, 12:29 AM

    If i could precise my wishlist to be more clear :
    1) I would like to select the 50+ pictures in an album of my ipad in one touch (ex : "invert selection" or "select all the pictures of the album")
    2) I would press "upload" and the app would upload all the image one by one while auto-resizing
    3) I would like to have a progress and a progress tab to show my in details the uploading of the pictures to my post
    4) I would be able to continue to write / amend the text in my post while uploading

    Thanks very much !



  3. Thanks for your wish list Yann, we hear you loud and clear.

    We are actively trying to improve the media management experience in general. Upcoming releases will incorporate a number of bug fixes and features that should address your problems.

    For reference, you can see the current list of enhancements and bug fixes related to media here.

    As always if you have any other suggestions or bug reports. Let us know!


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