Picture format posted from iOS changed... now solved

  1. Hello,

    Recently, an update done on WP for iOS has changed the format settings of the pics that got posted on my site from the iPhone.

    Basically, I did not change anything on my iPhone and in the WP settings but pictures started to appear small on my website and as a consequence, horizontal pictures started to appear with a black stripes beside it. Worse, as images get copied to my Tumblr account with a special plugin, they got upscaled so image did start to look really bad.

    Anyway, took me some hours of testing and testing and I finally found where the problem was: it is WP for iOS that all the sudden started to upload pictures in a smaller format.

    To solve it, get at the main screen of WP for iOS, press Settings, press Media and check Original Size (mine was set to Large). Everything got back to normal.



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