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  1. nastorseriessix
    Aug 11, 2009, 1:24 PM


    how can i add a photo with my ipodtouch, with the right position?


    I make a Screenshot from my iPodtouch-Desk with Home-Button Hold and press on/off-Button at the same time. Than, start the WP-app and write a new post, chose the correct photo and add this to my new post and publish it.

    But, later i look at my blog using safari, the photo are in the wrong place.

    I make a screenshot from using my wp-app in landscape-mode and the photo in my blog are not in the right place.

    Look there (german blog):

    How can i change the position of the photo. In that way, i cant read the letters on the screen, for that i need a other position of the photo, rotate it 90° to left!

  2. In the case of rotating the image, I think you'll need to rotate the image first on the device and the select the new rotated image to be included in your blog post.

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