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  1. Pictures attached from the app always link to a url, even if you try to edit them from a computer. You have to re-embed them in order to have the option to change the image size, even.

  2. Hi Keytastic,

    even if you try to edit them from a computer

    Can you provide more detail about this? It almost sounds like you're not seeing edit options in the web admin.

    The app supports tapping to edit an image once its in the editor. You can change the size and enter a new URL to link to there. We welcome any suggestions you have for improvements!


  3. Here are some screenshots.

    An image previously uploaded using the iOS App:

    An image uploaded using the web browser:

  4. Thanks for the screenshots Keytastic, they were very helpful.

    This is a bug and I've opened an issue for it here:

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