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  1. Could you please add password protection at application launch? If my iPhone gets stolen, then unauthorised person gets full admin access to my blogs. I don't want to enter password each time for each blog separately, but one password that would protect access to all blogs at application launch would be enough. Just like in AirShare or 1Password apps.

  2. Not so sure I agree with this request, as you can (and should) set a passcode on your iPhone itself. Otherwise, there are a host of applications that also don't require a password at each launch (included the delivered ones, such as Contacts, Mail, etc.).

  3. Usually I carry my iPhone turned on, so general iPhone password won't help here, if my phone gets stolen.

    If my iPhone gets stolen, then I don't loose my contacts on my Mac, or emails. But someone can open WordPress app and delete my blog entries or post something inappropriate which could make a lot more harm than sending stupid emails in my name to all my contacts in the Address Book. If your phone gets lost, will you remember to change all your blog passwords? I'd change email password, but i doubt that in such a moment i will remember about my blogs. So general 4 digit passsword isn't bad idea. And in those apps launch password is an option - if you feel ok without it, then don't use it. But if I want I can turn it on at any time. Why not the same here?

  4. I'd also love password protection on the WordPress app. I turn my iPhone on & off too often in (relatively) quick succession to use the general iPhone password. I prefer app-specific passwords.

  5. I was about to post this exact request.

    If your phone is unlocked and on, and you lose it / it's stolen, you will be giving god knows who access to your blog portfolio.

    For serious bloggers, this is too much of a risk. People don't want to *have* to lock their iPhone if they don't want to. And if it's on, it's on - the passcode is irrelevant in that scenario.

    Always work to the lowest common denominator.

    A simple 4 digit pin or password to get into the iPhone Wordpress app would open up it's appeal MASSIVELY.

    I know from the feeedback I've had that this would switch a lot of people on to the idea.

  6. Do Want, please. My blog is private thing and I don't want everyone to be able to see it, not to mention edit it, just by handling my phone for a few seconds.

  7. Why not make password protection an optional setting?

    Problem solved for those who ant it, and those who don't!

  8. There is a ticket for this in trac:

    It is not however a high priority at the moment.

  9. Hi, I have a password on some of my pages (on my wordpress website) and with my Safari Iphone, I can't get into these pages to get my infos.

    Do you have a solution ?

    Thanks for that

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