Password protected site issues with WordPress iOS 4.6

  1. Hello,

    I have a private website which is protected with HTTP password. I had no issues with previous versions, as the login/password were stored once. But with the actual 4.6 version, at each time I open the application I have to retype at least four times the login and password, which is a pain on the neck.

    Any chance to correct this ?


  2. Hi there, I think this may be related:

    Basically, you have to constantly enter your password because it isn't being stored as it should. One side-effect is that the app crashes on media upload. We are aware of it, and are working on it! I'm really sorry - I know it's a pain right now. Following the issue at the link above will let you know how it's being addressed going forward.


  3. this issue continues to persist on my iOS app even after updates. is there a way to solve it?

  4. Hi @letyWebDev.

    We have a patch coming in version 4.7.1 that should take care of the problem. We're just waiting on Apple's approval before we can release it.

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