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  1. I'm trying to edit pages through the iPhone app. I'm only able to see 10 pages, and I can't see their hierarchy. (I have multiple levels of pages.)

    Web Interface
    iPhone Interface (Top) (Bottom)

    Any ideas?

  2. Is your "Show" setting in the Blog settings page set to 10 only? This may affect the number of pages downloaded. In addition we have an issue where the setting on the blog admin for "Show at most" X number of posts is affecting the number of pages returned by the xmlrpc endpoint...

    The app doesn't show pages in a hierarchy at this point...

  3. No, I can only see 10 pages still. I set the "Show" setting to 50, so I'm still not sure what's wrong. If this is ever fixed, could you email me here? I'd appreciate it. That'd be nice. :)

  4. I need a bit more information to try and reproduce this. I'll e-mail you...

    Also, did you change the "show at most" setting on the blog admin (not the app)?

  5. Yeah, I changed that per your request, but it didn't make a difference…

  6. I too am in the same boat. I have like 30 pages and I can only see 10. I have set the settings inside Wordpress to 50 and did the same in the iPhone app. Still nothing.

    Is this an error with nested pages? I have 20 that are not nested and 20+ that are. Maybe the nesting is causing a problem?

    Can ANYONE see more than 10 pages in the iPhone app?


  7. The setting only loads the # of Posts, right now Pages are capped at 10 -- will be fixed soon with a new approach:

  8. Will there be support for post hierarchy in the new version?

  9. That isn't planned for the very next version although I'm sure it's on the roadmap...

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