Only most recent page shows up

  1. I have tons of pages (not posts) on my site, but the only one that displays is the most recent one I created. Any ideas?

  2. Strange behavior -

    Let's start with versions - What WP server version, are you self-hosted? Make sure you've got the latest WP iPhone app version...

    I'm assuming you didn't create those other pages as different users or anything similar...?

    Oh, and is this new behavior or is this your first time with the app?

    Ping back and we'll see what we can do to solve the mystery!

  3. Thank you for your reply.

    I am self-hosted. Using version 2.8.4 of Wordpress. This is my first time with the app, just getting it set up. There are no other users on my site, except me.

    I read of a similar issue here on the forums where pages were not displaying because in the Settings under Reading, "Blog Pages Show at Most" was set at too low a number. Mine is currently set at 1 so that only one blog post shows up on the home page.

    I don't know why this would determine how many pages I could see in my admin of WPiphone, but maybe?

    I am using the plugin "My Page Order" (to order pages and subpages) and "Multi-level Navigation Plugin" (for my navigation menu).

    I have about 11 pages in total. Only one, the most recent one, is displaying.

  4. Very interesting. Would you try changing that number and re-adding the blog to your iPhone? I'll try the same thing on a "vanilla" (no plugins) blog I use for testing...

    Let me know what happens... and I will post back with what I find out too.

  5. Wwwindi,

    I did some testing in the most recently released version. Same result for me without any plugins.

    It seems we have an interesting interaction between the iPhone application and the WordPress server...

    I do have a workaround for you however -
    What I did:

    1. Change that "Blog Pages Show at Most" to a number greater than the total number of pages I had in my blog.
    2. Add the blog in the iPhone application (all the pages show up)
    3. Change the "Blog Pages Show at Most" back to 1
    4. Test that I could add a page and edit any of the other pages (I could)

    I'll have a chat with the developers of the WP code and we'll figure this one out, but for now I think we can get you around this little issue with a minimum of fuss...

    Post back and let me know if it worked for you too...

  6. Hi -

    That worked great! Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient advice.

    Thank you!

  7. Very welcome. Glad to hear the workaround worked!

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